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  1. Our Car Club ( Morgan Car Club) had their Robbie Burns Luncheon today and we were all very pleased with the way we were welcomed and served. The food was excellent and our server was first class. We were delighted in the way our Haggis was presented! Thank You, Sharkey’s!

    • Our group was back again and once again welcomed with open arms. The food was excellent and the kitchen did an amazing job in presenting our Haggis. Could not have asked for better service from our servers! Thank you!

  2. Okay ….
    I have travelled around a fair bit in the last ten years, and sampled my favourite dishes from many many coasts….and the Halibut at Sharkey’s, by far tops the bill. Even fresh from the eastern coast of P.E.I. has come in as a second place finish. This most amazing Japanese Panko breading was perfection. Unlike traditional Halibut and chips in a beer batter, the Panko breading leaves all the delicate taste and texture this fish intact, omitting that deep fried heavily oiled taste. Served with fresh crisp chips and a timely tartar sauce and a lemon wedge, for Halibut lovers all round, this is a dish for you… simply delectable!
    (did I mention how serious they are about their beer?)

  3. I am just one of the ladies from AIAB “The Hope Boat” that have enjoyed our Monday night dinners after paddling.
    The staff truly were absolutely fantastic, the service more than we could possibly have expected, the food wonderful & I’d like to give a HUGE thank you & then look forward to returning next spring for
    more of the same.
    Abreast In A boat ~ “The Hope Boat”
    Dianne Johnson

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